Standard 12 Science Physics Tutorial

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Students need Physics Tutorial  for standard 12 science. If you have interested to learn about physics, the Physics video Tutorial will help much more. Physics video lectures will help to understand two dimensional figure as well three dimensional figure.

First of all this website provide information about standard 10, std 11 and 12 science. In addition this website provide information related to GUJCET and Jee. And we are talking about standard 12 science physics tutorial, there are two type video lectures available in present market.

Physics Tutorial

Type of Physics Tutorial

  1. Teacher based Video lectures
  2. Animated based Video Tutorials

Now you have to understand whats is difference between this two. You can check out on you tube both type physics tutorials. You can watch Sample standard 12 Science Physics Video Tutorial. This is example of Teacher based video lectures. In the video teacher will explain on board.

Teacher based Video lectures

Generally this video lectures are pre-recorded but sometimes it live telecast from provider. Experience physics teacher explain all the topics step by step. Its feel like you are study in the class room. But there is limitation for explaining complicated figures. To explain details figures he must have to take help of electronics media like computer or projector.

Animated based Video tutorials

Same this is another famous digital content for education. This video tutorials are available pre recorded format only. It has additional advantage to demonstrated complected figures in easy way. Its prepared with help of graphical software. So demonstrated object in three dimensional is possible.

But as per my opinion for Physics Tutorial i would like to use combination of both type. Not only for physics videos is seem to help for understand biology and chemistry too. So whenever plan to by physics video tutorials you should keep in mind these point.

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