Global Warming

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Recent Researches on Global Warming

If you thought that global warming is caused by greenhouses gas emission you are somewhat wrong. Greenhouses gas does not cause global warming, but they are major contributor.

Researchers suggest that rising global temperature have already led to an increase in extreme way. Change in weather patterns cause cyclones, droughts and floods in every region of earth. For example, the incidence of storms in the western pacific region had risen by about 2% from the early 1980s to the late 1990s. But the number of death due to various natural calamities has increased by about 30-40%.
global warming
An interesting research has been carried out regarding global warming. Global warming over the coming century means a return of temperature last seen in the age of the dinosaurs that led to the extinction of about half of the species.–

Latest Research Result

As per research carbon dioxide levels be at the highest levels for 24 million years, but global average temperature will be higher than that of the last 10 million years. Between 10 and 99% of species will be faced with atmospheric conditions that last existed before they evolved and as result about 10-50% of them could disappear.

Carbon dioxide level are substantially higher now that at any time in the last 8 lac years, the latest study of ice drilled out in Australia confirms it. The in depth analysis of air bubbles trapped in 3.2 km long core of frozen snow shows and unprecedented current green house gas concentration.

To prevent it we need a reduce the emissions but in the meantime, knowing the increase in global temperature, we need to adapt ourselves or our way of living to the changing climate and weather patterns. We have to sustain against the changing weather pattern and its effect.

Solution for global warming

Well there is possibility of  long discussion about this topic. But as my opinion in single line – Try to adopt the natural energy resources as much as in our daily usage.

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