Save Fuel – Crude Oil Scarcity

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We all of are using a personal vehicle   like moped, Bike, Car for our routine work like going to office, school. College, shopping, travel to out of city etc. We also use Public Transportation for mass travel and transport good. To run our vehicle we need to feel up with fuel according to our vehicle. Industry having same demand also.

refinery-161795_640We do not produce any new Crude oil within a short span of time say like next 30-50 year. As population growth rise on the earth its use also increases. We know we have very limited natural resources for Crude oil base product like Petrol, Diesel or Natural gas which can serve to our generation.

Right now whatever quantity crude oil is available on the earth we have to fulfill human community requirement within that.

Due to emergency in Middle East country    it creates the scarcity of oil base product around the world. Because this country play major roll to supply the crude oil products to rest of world. This scarcity increase the price of petrol, diesel. On other side the use product is also increase day by day.

We must think about the other resources like Solar Energy, Wind Energy side to lighten dependency on crude.

Think about it.


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