Mental Stress – A Real Biggest Social Problem Part 2

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one more important thing here is that where we live. However, we all used to go on vacation trip and adventure tour etc. now we have a taste of different places of accommodation that if we are on peaceful time to vacation we fill that our mind was totally calm. We people used to live in a city area, village area and we also live in forest and secluded places. If we check then we can understand that there is a change of nature of humans living in a different area. Now each area of living also have a different type of environment like in city area there are many types of situation.

ache-19005_640In all matter, our individual personality is the main factor. Our life is divided into many factors like thinking, emotion, working style etc. if we go beyond the limits of our mind and thinking then we will have more mental stress and tiredness. However, we make it low and burdenless as much as we will happy.

God has given us a powerful mind to live happily and socially on the earth as we can observe the outer world by our intelligence and mind. So for our life purpose, we are having enough mind and might but if we use it for useless and more gain it may have a reverse effect on humankind. Same as it effects on physical capacity.

Now the to solve this all mentally and physically problem we need to use what we used it initially. As human should have warmness and kind help from family and society. However, it comes more the human resources point will increase and we can cut down our stress level.

So If we want to live happily we should live as we learn and should follow the basics regulations of humanity.

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