Child Education in English Medium School

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The language of instruction will plays key role in child education. Parents must decides suitable medium of instruction for early age child education. Main two choice is available in any part of world.

  1. Admit your child to Regional / mother tongue school i.e. Gujarati, Hindi, Tamil language school
  2. Admit your child to English Medium school or Intentional school.child education


Child Education in English Medium school

The English language becomes global language. People crazy to get admitted their child in English medium school. From last decade the trend going to changed. Every parents want to admit their child in English Medium School. People think like that ” To develop right career you have to study in English Medium school.”

Many government and Private school open to fulfil people’s demands. It’s happened in very short time span. It creates Urgent demand for qualified staff for English medium school to educate the student.

On other side I had notice 90 % students completed their graduation in various faculties in regional language. Specially talked about Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) students have completed their degree regional language that will going to educate the upcoming youth.

This situation increase the unemployment rate as well as scarcity of qualified teachers, the private and government school engage with unfair practice of giving right education to society.

At moment parents must think about their child’s education. Provide elementary education in appropriate language of instruction.

Current Situation in Early Childhood Education

If we are talking about Current situation in india, the major parents prefer to admit the toddler in english medium school. Many well reputed english medium school available in city or urban area.  It’s provides the best education to children. But the major mass of  people live in rural area of india. If we focus on the rural part of india this people do not get the enough no. of school in local area. Still this people thinking about their child education in english medium ! that’s the main point we think about it.

What is Solution of better child education?

Government had already initiate the step towards the quality education but this step far away from better result. The solution is use latest technology with online education system with multi location broadcast.

But online education is not effective in the case of early childhood education in english medium.

To educate nation children in english medium we need qualified teacher workforce.

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