Industrial Training Concept Boost up the Skilled workforce

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Basic about Industrial Training

Industrial Training is very familiar word for engineering students. When we are talking about various stream of engineering study, the practical knowledge or live industrial related experience  boost up the chance of better job placement.

During the College study in any branch conduct the soft skill grooming. The first is the theoretical systems; conducted primarily in the form of lectures, tutorials and laboratory experiment. The second session is the practical session, in the form of Research and Industrial Training, during which the students apply theories learnt.

Industrial Training

Now a day many well reputed educational institutes provide an Industrial Training to their students. Training / apprenticeship is provides students for enhancing their knowledge whatever they learn by classroom teaching. It’s give facility to expose their knowledge in practical world. Give chance to know actually industrial environment before awarded their desire degree.

Duration and Type

It’s duration is depend upon the course. It’s vary according to Branch and level of their qualification means Bachelor or Master Degree, Diploma or vocational course. Normally the industrial training period will be 1 to 6 month.

Single Slot type Training Schedule

It’s offers during the final year of graduation. Duration depend upon the institute course curriculum. normally around 4 to 6 months offers.

Sandwich type Training Schedule

Few Institute offers sandwich type training package. i.e divide the training period in two equal part. suppose one of engineering college total 4 year study including 1 year training period

Semester 1 to Semester 5 : Study at College Campus

6th Semester : First phase of  Industry Training

Semester 7 : For College campus Study

8th Sem :  Second phase of Industry Training

Industrial Training Benefit

It’s best opportunity to secure job before the final degree award. During training period students have a chance to select a employer. Training Provider Company has also benefit to get trained candidate from college campus. So they no need to advertise about that. Some of Limited company or semi Government Company provide monthly basis stipend to trainee.

The ultimate goal or reason of the industrial training is to accelerate integration into professional careers. when college graduate is hired for doing a certain task, he has enough practical knowledge of that task.

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