Normal Hair Loss Disease Types and Various Reason

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Hair Experts say that, in a day hundred no. of hair loss is a normal process, but sometimes it happens, the hair loss process becomes faster and the process continues throughout the year. Sometimes the head of hair is going to be an event Normal Hair Loss Disease like Alopecia. After knowing the cause of hair loss can be treated.

normal hair lossWhen the normal hair loss is much more of our attention is goes on it. Because hair brush appears with broken hair. Some people is surprised when looking more broken hair gathered at the bathroom after washing it. Hair line in head is go wide. The amount of hair seems to be falling. Hair loss is concerned is affected when the problem persists. It is now a greying scared. It tries to find the reasons behind the problem. People need to find out the reason for sudden hair fall increase; you can concern Hair Experts and get proper treatment for it.

Various types of normal hair loss disease

  1. Telogen effluvium

It is symptoms for hair loss. The problem occurs when a person feel a shock or any emotional disorder. Recent any medical surgery done in body or death of close relative of the person, such type of situation create a shocked condition for person. As a result hair fall will increase. This process of hair fall start after two – three month from tragedy. The problem is known as Telogen effluvium.

This conditions may occur cause of  hormones changes in body. Many women face the problem after pregnancy.

Hair fall problem due to stress is automatically disappeared after a few months and the hair begins to grow again.

  1. Female-pattern baldness

The problem seems to be hair fall at the head of from the top or side. This problem becomes dark over the time. Topical ‘ minoxidil’ (rogena) applied to hair to slow hair loss and new hair begins to come. Head massage can improve the blood circulation. So hair gets good nutrition and start hair growth properly. It needs massage with light-handed. Concentrate may be swelling or tissue damage.

  1. Illness / malnutrition

Deficiency of protein, iron, zinc, etc., can cause defects in the hair loss problem. ‘Lupus’ or ‘diabetes’ trials are also responsible for hair loss in women. Many women neglect their own health and dietary intake of nutrients remain indifferent to the exhibit. Eating a Junk food  also brings malnutrition.

  1. Normal hair loss Side effects from medications 

Some medications can cause hair loss. Lithium, beta-blockers, warfarin, caprin such drugs are known to have been affected the hair. Talk with the doctor about the problem and  need to find a solution.

  1. Alopecia

This is an auto immune Dwelling, in which on skin of the scalp hair is round coin-like shed. In some cases, may happened complete hair loss. On the scalp Corticosteroid’s skin cream or injections are helps to improved in positive result.

  1. Infection by Fungus

Some kind of fungus create hair problem of head skin. Due to this kind of problem hair to be broken. Oral medication is useful in the trouble. Anti dandruff shampoo is to relieve in itching.

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