Why Is Video Tutorial So Famous?

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Video Lecture is effective tool in education sector. It’s providing facility to learn step by step instruction and sharing knowledge to student. Normally video lecture is pre-recorded or live teaching video streaming to multi location.

What is video tutoring?

Video tutoring or E-tutoring will be outlined as teaching support, management and assessment of people or teams on programs of learning wherever there’s vital use of network technologies similar to across to world Wide net, email and conferencing. Video tutoring provides students with helpful tools sanctionative teacher to deliver AN increased learning and teaching expertise. More and more, organizations are adopting on-line learning because the main delivery technique to train students, staff. At the same time, academic establishments are moving toward the utilization of the web for delivery, each on field and at a distance.

Video Lecture

E-tutoring is analogous to, however completely different in some key respects from, each face-to-face tutoring and ancient distance learning tutoring. This involves the very important distinction in terms of involvement of technology, time and distance. These all have implications for tutors. The efforts place in by the tutors in e-tutoring will be quite completely different to face-to-face teaching each in terms of integration technology into learning activities, and in managing and supporting students’ learning on-line.

Advantages of Video Lecture.

The advantage of video lecture as student has experienced it is manifold. This mode of learning the most helpful for students.   Students going to school during the day, and catching up with updating his  knowledge base by viewing educational reference video tutorial after school hour.

one can pause the streaming audio or video, even logout from the system and get back to the point where they left. It allows them to go through the study material many times.. and make notes / presentations out of it easily.

Video tutoring is the best option for people who cannot afford to spend the time / effort required to learn something, the traditional way.  There are a lot of people out there who need it!

Thanks to the advancements in technology and the efforts of people, who make it possible!

But having said that, video tutoring can never replace the traditional way of going to the college to learn. It’s a multi dimensional learning experience, when you get to meet people, do live projects together, networking..

Example of Video Tutorial : Watch here