Plastic bottle recycling reduce environmental land pollution

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Why need to plastic bottle recycling

All of us are using a plastic bottle to carry liquid such as water, juice, liquid drug etc. This bottle made of from LDPE, HDPE, PET, PC material,  Normally PET bottle use for Mineral water, soda, soft drink product. Every manufacturer in the world who deals with drinking product, they use a plastic bottle for packaging. Due to its durability, it’s widely used as a packaging material. Reason for Plastic bottle recycling.

Current Situation about plastic bottle waste

On another side every day we throw million of ton plastic bottles and containers in open environment. As the generally plastic material which is not soluble inland due to chemical characteristic its creates solid waste on the landfill. Plastic can release harmful chemicals into the surrounding it and produce land pollution.

Its take century to decompose in the soil, truly said it does not decompose in the soil.

We cannot stop uses of plastic but we can recycle it and use again. This way we can minimize the new production of a plastic bottle.

There are many techniques to convert waste into best product. By Plastic bottle recycling, you can earn handsome Money.

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