Define time.  Understanding What is Time?

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How we can define time?

Time is neither a subject nor an object. It is a dimension. As length, breath and height are three dimensions, time is the fourth one. This dimension cannot be experienced on the earth because of many other effects. As height, width and breath in universe are infinite, the fourth dimension, time is also infinite in universe. But according to the theory of relativity, time is an adjustable dimension with respect to space (distance). It depends on the speed of the object. So we can say that to define time  objects with different speeds probably have different time.

define time

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Let us understand time by taking a simple example :

For a man travelling in a supersonic plane, time will pass slowly than man travelling by cycle. From this, one question arises in our mind what is maximum speed at which time or motion in time becomes zero? The objects starts travelling at the speed of light, its motion in space dimension is 100%. But we know that according to E=mc^2, practically it is not possible for any object to achieve the speed of light. If any object tires to achieve the speed of light, then its whole mass ‘M’ is converted into energy ‘E’. energy does not have time i.e. its motion in time dimension is zero.

So from this, we can conclude that all subjective things such as light, thoughts and all forms of energy have motion 100% in space dimension and their motion in time dimension is zero. So things which do not travel in time dimension cannot be destroyed.

That is why, according to the law of conservation of energy, “Energy can neither be created not destroyed.” This is because motion of energy in dimension is zero.

define time

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