MENTAL STRESS – A Real Biggest Social Problem

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Mental Stress is a real biggest social problem for today’s fast going life. I will point out and discuss few thing about it.

mental stress

Brief Points

  • Physical and Mentally situation.
  • Intellectual Development
  • Environment effect on Human Being and it’s nature.
  • Social Personality
  • Thinking
  • Emotion
  • Working style
  • Capacity
  • Mentally
  • Physical
  • Strong Socialism

Details about mental stress

As we used to said that we are cultured social animals. We were living together for last thousands of years very socially and warmly on the earth.

But the current situation and problems of the Humanity are coming from every side. We used to said it that its all are due to natural changes or natural calamities. But my answer is “ NO” . we are making our problems by changing the face of nature like a green world, water world, mountain world etc. particularly for our selfishness. Again and again, we do improper steps with nature and the world.

For more facility and good being, we are disturbing our physics, mind and everything belonging us. We work hard more for gaining more, we try more for more sources, we struggle more for more facility but these all are equal to come is mentally and physically tiredness and stresses very severely. And hence we going far from our original humanity.

As we talk about mentally and physically stress and tiredness now we concentrate on the intellectual development of human beings. From our childhood we see every movement around us, we observe, analysis and final the result of what is happening. This cycle of checking, observing, and analysis has been running throughout the life of human being. Now the matter is what we see and what we do are very effective in our life my mind and body, now everywhere and everything thing is going bad and very down to our humanity. We also involved in some unnatural thing somewhere or anywhere. And this is the reason that we have a negative effect on our mind.

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