Std 10 Maths book in English Medium – GSEB (Textbook)

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Std 10 Maths book in English Medium: Gujarat Secondary Education Board has released the online textbook for a std 1 to 12 for various subject.  All this study material offers separately for Gujarati and English medium. In this post, you will find online study material for Standard 10. This official copy is providing by the GSEB (Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Board).

The std 10 maths book in English langauge is designed according to the latest syllabus of Board. Every student has to follow the this syllabus for the board exam for mathematics subject.  The standard 10 maths textbook is given here so that every student get ready for their upcoming SSC examination after 2019.

The std 10 maths book in English are provided here hence students can increase their mental ability and progress well in their academics. For student academic career 10th standard is considered very important. So it necessary to follow the right textbooks to prepare for their upcoming examination.

Std 10 maths book in English Medium

As new syllabus has been changed in year 2019 for gujarati medium as well as english medium. Hence, the new study material and textbook is offres by GSEB. Get your copy of syllabus from below mention link.

Std 10 Maths New syllabus 2019

This post will offer you to download the pdf version of your syllabus. Here full syllabus copy in a single file,  download link available below.

Sr. No. Chapter Name Click on Link to Download
Index Download
Chapter 1 Euclid’s Algorithm and Real Numbers Download
Chapter 2 Polynomials Download
Chapter 3 Pair of Linear Equations in Two variables Download
Chapter 4 Quadratic Equations Download
Chapter 5 Arithmetic Progressions Download
Chapter 6 Similarity of Triangles Download
Chapter 7 Similarity and the Theorem of Pythagoras Download
Chapter 8 Coordinate Geometry Download
Chapter 9 Trigonometry Download
Chapter 10 Heights and Distances Download
Chapter 11 Circles Download
Chapter 12 Constructions Download
Chapter 13 Areas Related to a Circle Download
Chapter 14 Surface Areas and Volumes Download
Chapter 15 Stastics Download
Chapter 16 Probability Download
Answer Download

Get Std 10 Math Texbook English Medium Full syllabus 2019

This english medium book will help to learn the fundamentals and basics of mathematics subject. It also helps a student to clear each concept of maths to enhance their knowledge.

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Get subject wise study material like MCQ question list, online video for your ready reference.

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