Std 10 Science Book in Gujarati – GSEB (Textbook)

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GSEB std 10 Science book in Gujarati medium: New syllabus has been released by Gujarat secondary education board for standard 10 in 2019. Along with the new course curriculum, the online textbook for the various classes is also available from the official board.  All Study material separately offers for Gujarati and English medium. In this post, you will find online study material for Standard 10. This official copy is providing by the Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Board (GSEB).

GSEB Std 10 Science book offers all the concepts and fundamentals in the simplest and in a detailed form. Therefore, reading from this Science book makes it easy to clear concepts and strengthen the basics of a subject.

We are providing here the latest edition of the GSEB Class 10 Science Book that has been published by the Gujarat secondary education board – Gandhinagar for the current academic year, 2019-2020.

Syllabus of Class 10 Science book has been collated in accordance with the latest NCERT Class 10 Science Syllabus 2019-20. Students are advised to stick to the GSEB books to make full use of their limited time and score maximum marks in the GSEB standard 10 Board Exam 2020.

Std 10 Science New syllabus 2019

Get Std 10 Science book Full syllabus 2019: Download Here

This post will offer you to download the soft copy of the full syllabus. Following chapter is included in in the soft copy of std 10 science book in Gujarati pdf

Chapter Number Chapter Name
Chapter 1 રાસાયણિક પ્રક્રિયાઓ અને સમીકરણો
Chapter 2 એસિડ, બેઇઝ અને ક્ષાર
Chapter 3 ધાતુઓ અને અધાતુઓ
Chapter 4 કાર્બન અને તેના સંયોજનો
Chapter 5 તત્વોનું આવર્તી વર્ગીકરણ
Chapter 6 જૈવિક ક્રિયાઓ
Chapter 7 નિયત્રંણ અને સંકલન
Chapter 8 સજીવો કેવી રીતે પ્રજનન કરે છે ?
Chapter 9 આનુવંશિકતા અને ઉદ્વિકાસ
Chapter 10 પ્રકાશ પરાવર્તન અને વક્રીભવન
Chapter 11 માનવ આંખ અને રંગબેરંગી દુનિયા
Chapter 12 વિદ્યુત
Chapter 13 વિદ્યુતપ્રવાહ ની ચુમ્બકીય અસરો 
Chapter 14 ઉર્જાના સ્ત્રોતો
Chapter 15 આપણું પર્યાવરણ
Chapter 16 નૈસર્ગીક સ્ત્રોત નું ટકાઉ પ્રબંધન

Download full syllabus of Std 10 science book in Gujarati

This science book will help to learn the fundamentals and basics of science and technology subject. It also helps a student to clear each concept of technology to enhance their knowledge.

Refer to other subjects GSEB std 10 textbooks such as mathematics, computer studies, social science and Sanskrit. All books are available in both medium English and Gujarati.

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