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School Education System

Know details about Private School Education and public school system. Each country having an own education system. It is regulated by education board which is directly undertaken by the government. Every institute is registered with local education board.  Education Institute is funded by the government which is called government school or public school. The second is self-funded school or college which is known as private school.

In the past major school, college and university is own by the government or established a social organization. Mostly all schools and colleges provide free education.Private school education

If we looked at last few decade the private school education is increase day by day. As the population increase requires more facility and infrastructure. To educate future young generation requires more school and college. Government granting more and more private school, college license.

How is the private school education system affect the nation people and their future?

The young generation a play major roles in country development.  To prepare a well-educated youngster for future, the nation should provide them better facilities in the education sector. Authorities should provide education free of cost or with minimum cost. This is the main responsibilities of government to prepare well-educated manpower workforce for future.

Now the current scenario in the education sector is authorities are granting more and more private funding school and colleges.  This license is granted against the providing the better facilities for students but they do not point out the cost of it.

The major issue is private institute fees and qualified staff. All the private school charged high education fees as well as other amenities charge. Each family is not able to pay high education fees. The second thing is many private schools do not appoint properly qualified teacher.  Like English medium school.

On another side, the government has a building and infrastructure for open new colleges but authority argue “there is not enough qualified staff available’. This is the reason some colleges were shut down. When government does not have quality staff then how can get staff to the private school and colleges.

The main things should be pointed out is ” the cost of private school/college education”. For example, the government school fees 100 Rs. Per month On another hand private school charges 1500 Rs to 2000 Rs per month.(This is high school fees approx) The Engineering and Medical college fees much higher than the above-mentioned figure.

The parent has to spend extra money for books and stationery, uniform, vehicle transportation etc. The parent having a limited income source. Its major disadvantage of private school education. College students also face problem for their higher education. In that case, student career will spoil.

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